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Free Write Friday ~ Grace Notes by JM Fuller featuring “The Shadow of Your Smile~ Gil Fuller & Monterey Jazz Festival Orchestra performed by Dizzy Gillespie



Happy Free Write Friday!  Wishing you a joyous holiday season filled Joy, fun, inspiration, freedom and peace…

This is an excerpt from:  The Sounds I Felt:  Improvisations on Freedom This is a Literary Companion to my father’s CD and the selection that sums up my Season of Improvisation in 1965 is “The Shadow of Your Smile” (Love Theme from the Sandpiper) I hope you enjoy it

Grace Notes

Dear Dad,

Thank you for giving me life.

Mom and God gave me all the rest.

Here’s what I have learned from my greatest teachers….

My journey began from the 1st sound of you humming the song you wrote for me.

Releasing my heart to search for the life that is waiting for me.

You were the one who taught me to dance atop your feet when you were called

To be the Conductor for the 1965 Monterey Jazz Festival Orchestra

The summer of 1965 would be my master class in the art of jazz improvisation.

It was a master class filled with civil, women’s rights and a cultural revolution that changed the face of American Life

August set things off.

Bringing forth a Tsunamic red tide attacking, redefining Life with discordant notes of ignorance, illiteracy, desolation, fear and destruction.

And so my song took flight.

Timing is critical in jazz as in life,

Knowing when to stop, start, step it up, slow it down

And more so,  and

oh so important is to learn how to wait thru the strife.

Jazz harmony is the theory and practice of changing chords,

where major and minor scales share the same space in a timeless             bond…

progressions depart in thirds and stacked fourths

favoring harmonic progressions where tensions in intervals                          of 9th , 11th, or 13th abound.

Learned about the search for meaning, intentions and having the blues

Finding your truth and appreciating a life of humility

‘cause the universe is misting the air with valuable clues

now you have the essence of a universal tranquility.

Notes are just window dressing a façade you create

listen to the spoken word filled with meaning

of the path and choices you debate

Play it slant is the message best heard in the evening.

Learned that being different is the integral part of the plan

pressing forward seeing how far you can reach

harmonies in real-time, flowing and ebbing broadening the span

of improvisational context is what matters in all you teach .

Learned that playing jazz has four elements

broadening your words and expressing every letter

in a charismatic way to enhance

finding your intentions and mixing all together

where freedom and coordination can really dance.

Jazz has the power to go deep within,

having a relationship with you as next of kin

surpassing arrogance into a love of sound and words

sharing that experience like the legends you’ve heard.

Now three years after your death,

I discovered in your music room the Gibson Guitar in case you                    gave to me

Nestled beneath the pristine guitar

A hand written note to me,

like in a bottle,

Uncorked my heart you wrote,

July 30, 1979


Jazz is my language. 

Notes are all I know to tell you how much I love you,

And I know that that is not what you wanted,

I wanted to spare you the struggles I faced to be

Your dad and to express the love for my family through

Jazz without words.

So now I am going to tell you that I know you

Were secretly writing in your room.

I want you to know what I couldn’t express it in notes…

If you truly want to be a writer,

you will have to sacrifice your life.

 that words are the loves of your life. 

It is a choice that you cannot shake. 

It brings happiness, patience, love and peace.

You are miserable and tortured if you don’t write.

Self-expression is overrated when it comes to

the ‘hour of the wolf’

 when it seems that the words are discordant and fretful. 

The trick is they are your children

 be humble and allow them the love and respect that you claim for yourself. 

 I was very fortunate to have met your mother, she gave me you and your brother. 

So I did not have to make that choice alone. 

So your family is words and jazz replete with lessons on life,

discernment and discovering who you are,

who you’ve been and most of all be grateful

to God for the talent to write.  

Write your heart out, share your soul.

That is what happens to me when I am writing a song. 

The notes are my children too.  I know you think that I made your life difficult,

but you will realize some day that when you look back

it is the fuel you’ll need to be who you are.

That’s your story. 

Love Dad

In 2000, I was saved by jazz

healing my soul and my body from

breast cancer’s trials and tribulations

Finding peace on earth filled with

joyous jubilation!

I am waiting and discovering a life filled with wonder and love…

I am definitely on the right wake…

portions of hard times, mean and hurtful folks, mistakes, failures

creating a wisdom that it is

It is not the number of years in a life that matters…it is the life in the years that counts.

To this end, for all of my life coaches,

I have,

Fallen in love with sounds and words,

They are truly the grace notes that have transfromed

and healed my life.

Thank you so much,

Your loving daughter,


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“Les Miz” is Alive & Well ~ The Plight of Homeless in East Bay California USA featuring Gypsy Woman (She Is Homeless) George White Group

“So long as ignorance and poverty exist on earth, books of the nature of Les Miserables cannot fail to be of use.”  Victor HugoLes Misérables

We seldom realize, for example, that our most private thoughts and emotions are not actually our own.  For we think in terms of languages and images we did not invent, but which were given to us by our society.  We copy emotional reactions from our parents, learning from them that excrement is suppose to have a disgusting smell and that vomiting is suppose to be an unpleasant sensation.  The dread of death is also learned from anxieties about sickness and from their attitudes to funerals and corpses.  Our social environment has this power just because we do not exist apart from a society.  Society is our extended mind and body.  Yet the very society from which the individual is inseparable is using its whole irresistible force to persuade the individual that he is indeed separate!  Society as we know it is therefore playing a game with self-contradictory rules.”  Alan Watts says…November 12, 2016

Excerpt from:  When Jazz Becomes Freedom (treatment)

Welcome to the woderful World of Homelessness & Poverty.  It is only temporary.  Jazzmin refused to take residence.  The Zen alarm on her cell phone @8:52 am chimed this message ,  It had been a long night .  Nights filled with tortured and sleepless  filled with fear of epic proportions every time Jazz had to go to the bathroom.  Since the first day, it was on the hour.  This is the best description of the level of emotional turmoil and investment of understanding of the World of Homelessness.  It is not based on curiosity mind you, because you see enough images and stories, it is based on how the hell a person who grew up in a comfortable, safe eleven room house, two loving parental units in a 60s suburb nestled between Hollywood and Beverly Hills where listening to Jazz was the only substrate  and at the tender age of three, fell in love with sounds and words, landed in The Blade.

LOGLINE: “When Jazz Becomes Freedom” After her mother’s death on Mother’s Day from breast cancer, a boomer artist is dropped into living  for13 ½ years  in the dangerous world  of Poverty & Homelessness facing her final  and biggest struggle  to break free of its clutches.

Jazzmin (“Jazz”) has changed.  It is now from the inside out.  It is where the entire concept of Homelessness is called into question.  Homeless refers to having a home, working and making a living where you have the stuff that supports your lifestyle.  THE PROBLEM:  Our Society’s  constructive definition or as Jazz’s slumlord refers to as those people , are comprised of veterans; convicted drug felons; the mentally ill (untreated); those with addictions (in/out of recovery); those released from jail or prison (for theft, murder and sexual assault); and last but not least unskilled, illiterate folks fleeing subhuman conditions by the thousands who never ever experienced living in a “HOME” are now considered HOMELESS.  It is a NO WIN situation.  Hard to believe and even harder to survive.  Therein lies the riff.

When you take a closer look at Affordable Housing, in this world and Housing Programs are based on the main construct for resolving  issues for the segment of the population that want to have a job, home, car, kids, lifestyle….  That does not fit the life of a homeless person.  And the conditions upon which they have to choose to live in represents the sediment of American Society.   Jazz’s transformation and was submerged into the last part of the journey.  It is where the 7 Deadly Sins are played out.  The disorder introduced into our human nature by Adam’s fall from grace reveals itself especially through seven dominant vices known in our Catholic tradition as the capital sins. These are: pride, avarice, lust, anger, gluttony, envy, and sloth. We call them “capital” sins (from the Latin caput, meaning “head”) because they are the sources or fountainheads of all the sins people commit, whether sins of commission or sins of omission. We call them “deadly” because they cause spiritual death.” Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen liked to call them the “seven pallbearers of the soul.”

Spiritual growth is impossible unless we try to dig up the roots of our sins with the help of God’s illuminating and sanctifying grace.  This is Jazz’s 288 day journey…

Don’t Drink the Water

The Situation:  Space between Living and Struggling to Survive.  Formation of Partnership

First step is creating a healthy partnership with our own spirit so that it becomes clear and necessary to partner with your soul and inner life.

For me, the Ocean represents and beautifully exemplifies life’s natural and perfect Partnership. They are inextricably interconnected, yet fully independent, each giving and receiving life support in equal portion. New partnership is filled with possibilities that are filled with joy, inspire,  and will sustain you through times of deep trouble and when you have a win/win partnership, it brings a tremendous about of abundance, harmony, and aliveness into your life. So the Dark Night of the Soul’s question is: Are you that person that you would love to partner with? Experience has proven, like attracts like, so the quickest way to attract an ideal partner is to be an ideal partner.  Jazzmin had been unhappy too long to remember.

Wait there’s more!  Stay tuned…

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Gear Up Breast Cancer Survivors We R about to Kick Life into Full Swing 4 Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


JazZen4Life is an integrated healing and transformative program that uses Jazz Improvisation techniques with respect to knowing what your talent is; and Zen Mindfulness and the 6 Element Meditations and Blank Space in Healing Arts ~ Poetry (Voices Above The Fray).  You make your own choices—each literary expression reflects one aspect of your personality or experience or dukkha or suffering. Each session will begin with a poem as the trigger or pastiche and through meditation and mindfulness you are guided to intuitively open your mind and your heart to self-discovery. Through various healing art techniques, listening to jazz in many genres to joyfully deepen your understanding of the relationships between your inner and outer worlds; your family/community/world, and then what your experience was like and the choices you have to live a full and happy life.

The  most important part is to start your new life living with cancer would be Self Care.  The oncologist and surgeons did their job of keeping you alive.  Now the staying alive is up to you.  So, for Breast Cancer Month starting this Saturday,  let’s begin with a great website that has an even cooler app.  It is One Green Planet where they have an awesome program called:  30 Days to a Healthier You: A Daily Checklist of Wellness Tips.  I am all set to start Saturday morning as I head out to  Walnut Creek  California for a Lymphedema support group meeting.

JazZen4Life ~ Voices Above the Fray Poetry is the Integrative Poetry Workshop Series component of iSurvivor where you can DYI 2 Write Ur Dream Life using these tecniques. 

“Funny how a melody sounds like a memory.”  By Eric Church

My new beginning always involves finding ways to actualize my dream to be an author was accepting a major aspect of the writing life was solitary confinement .  It has been that way for the past twelve and a half years.   “Wild Dreams of a New Beginning” by Lawrence Ferlinghetti is a poem that spoke directly to my heart.  Acoustic alchemy provided by Herbie Hancock the man who always inspires infinite possibilities in my life,

“Wild Dreams Of A New Beginning”

by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

There’s a breathless hush on the freeway tonight
Beyond the ledges of concrete
restaurants fall into dreams
with candlelight couples
Lost Alexandria still burns
in a billion lightbulbs
Lives cross lives
idling at stoplights
Beyond the cloverleaf turnoffs
‘Souls eat souls in the general emptiness’
A piano concerto comes out a kitchen window
A yogi speaks at Ojai
‘It’s all taking pace in one mind’
On the lawn among the trees
lovers are listening
for the master to tell them they are one
with the universe
Eyes smell flowers and become them
There’s a deathless hush
on the freeway tonight
as a Pacific tidal wave a mile high
sweeps in
Los Angeles breathes its last gas
and sinks into the sea like the Titanic all lights lit
Nine minutes later Willa Cather‘s Nebraska
sinks with it
The sea comes over in Utah
Mormon tabernacles washed away like barnacles
Coyotes are confounded & swim nowhere
An orchestra onstage in Omaha
keeps on playing Handel’s Water Music
Horns fill with water
ans bass players float away on their instruments
clutching them like lovers horizontal
Chicago’s Loop becomes a rollercoaster
Skyscrapers filled like water glasses
Great Lakes mixed with Buddhist brine
Great Books watered down in Evanston
Milwaukee beer topped with sea foam
Beau Fleuve of Buffalo suddenly become salt
Manhatten Island swept clean in sixteen seconds
buried masts of Amsterdam arise
as the great wave sweeps on Eastward
to wash away over-age Camembert Europe
manhatta steaming in sea-vines
the washed land awakes again to wilderness
the only sound a vast thrumming of crickets
a cry of seabirds high over
in empty eternity
as the Hudson retakes its thickets
and Indians reclaim their canoes


Copyright © 2016 by JM Fuller/Jannat Marie/Jazzybeatchick/. All rights Reserved.

This material has been copyrighted, feel free to share it with others; it can be distributed via social media or pingbacks or added to websites; please do not change the original content and please provide appropriate credit by including the author’s name or visual artist @ https://jazzenbeatchick.wordpress.com/.  Readers shall not be charged by you under any circumstance for any or all of this content.